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Introduction to Shinkai

Shinkai is an AI-Powered Operating System crafted to augment the functionality of Large Language Models (LLMs). It is characterized by three primary features:

  • Privacy Comes First: Engage with your emails and files with the assurance of privacy. Shinkai prioritizes secure interactions, allowing you to communicate without compromising your personal information.

  • Continuous Flow of Fresh Info For Your AI: Shinkai keeps your AI informed with the most recent data from various sources including news, sports, and cryptocurrency. This ensures that your AI has the latest information to assist you effectively.

  • AI Tools for Everyday Tasks: Shinkai equips your AI with the necessary tools and internet access to perform a wide array of tasks. Whether it's finding travel deals or providing tips, Shinkai enables your AI to assist you with your daily activities.

Central to the Shinkai ecosystem is the Shinkai Node, which integrates an AI-specific file system (VectorFS) within a decentralized peer-to-peer network. This combination allows for a robust and private infrastructure that enhances the capabilities of your AI.

Why Shinkai?

Shinkai solves three of the major problems with current AI systems: Privacy, Up-to-date information, and AI Tools for everyday tasks.

For a more detailed exploration of Shinkai's concepts and architecture, you can read the whitepaper.

Shinkai Architecture

We pride ourselves on a robust and seamlessly integrated architecture, ensuring optimal performance and user experience.

Shinkai Architecture

Some of the functionalities of Shinkai are still under development but we invite you to try out our beta version and provide us with feedback.