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Connecting Your Identity To Shinkai Desktop

After following the previous documentation on registering your identity on-chain, you should have your identity keys downloaded on your machine. Now we will move forward with connecting this identity, using the keys, to your Shinkai node (Shinkai Desktop).


Before moving forward make sure you have Shinkai Desktop installed. If you don't, please reference the Getting Started page for instructions.

Also make sure you've registered an identity on-chain following the Registering Your Identity On-Chain documentation. You must follow the instructions and register an identity by clicking the link in Shinkai Desktop, not by registering an identity through the dApp directly (otherwise the correct keys from Shinkai Desktop will not be used when registering your identity).

Step-By-Step Tutorial

  1. Go to Your Profile and copy the name of your registered Shinkai Identity.


  1. Open Shinkai Desktop and click on the Settings tab at the bottom left corner of the application.


  1. Click on the Shinkai Identity input box, input your identity name, and click save. Make sure to include the @@ prefix so your identity looks like @@myidentity.arb-sep-shinkai.

  2. Once you click save, restart Shinkai desktop and your node will automatically finish the connecting process.

  3. Congratulations, you have your identity connected to Shinkai Desktop! Now you can take part in the Shinkai Network and use p2p capabilities.