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Registering Your Shinkai Identity

Registering a Shinkai identity on-chain enables you to connect Shinkai Desktop to the Shinkai Network with full p2p capabilities. This unlocks the full network and any content/data or features that become available for you to use.


  1. You will need you have an EVM-compatible wallet such as Metamask.

  2. Make sure you have Shinkai Desktop installed. If you don't, please reference the Getting Started page for instructions.

Step-by-step tutorial

  1. Use the following faucet link to acquire Arbitrum Sepolia Eth (for gas fees), and Shinkai KAI tokens (for registering your identity) at no charge:


  1. Open Shinkai Desktop and click on the Settings tab at the bottom left corner of the application.


  1. Click the "Register your Shinkai Identity" link, which will open the Shinkai Identity Registration webpage (with your application's keys automatically filled out for you).

  2. On the webpage press Connect Wallet & choose the one you used to receive tokens at the faucet.

  3. Once connected, you should see the following view:

Claim Identity Step

  1. In the input box, enter your desired name for your identity. Note, based on the length of the name the amount of tokens required to stake will differ. The longer the name, the less tokens you need to provide.

  2. Once you've entered your desired name, proceed forward to the next step, where you will download a JSON file that backs up your application's keys (node keys) which will be connected to your Shinkai Identity (the identity itself is tied to your wallet making everything secure/resettable).

  3. Proceed forward by confirming you've downloaded the JSON file, and you will now move forward with submitting the transaction on-chain.

  4. Your wallet will pop-up and request to Confirm interaction with the smart contract: alt text

  5. Once this is done, you should see a screen to Confirm staking your KAI tokens to register your identity. alt text

  6. Once the transaction confirms, you will have officially registered your first Shinkai Identity! Your identity is an NFT which can be added to your wallet for easier tracking if you so desire: alt text

Congratulations! With your tokens staked they will accrue inflation awards, and your identity can now be connected to Shinkai Desktop. Continue to the next section to learn how to connect your identity.