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Getting started 🚀

Shinkai Hosting

If you want to start even faster, take a look at Shinkai Hosting our ready-to-use hosting service which you can try for free for the first month (while spots last).

Getting started with Shinkai locally is as easy as running a desktop application on your favorite operating system (Windows/Mac/Linux). Running locally unlocks full control and privacy, thereby acting as an all-in-one AI app that you can rely on.

You will be able to run many of the best-in-class open source AI models locally as long as you have a modern/powerful computer with a good processor and RAM. If you have an older computer, we recommend trying out Shinkai Hosting.

Step-By-Step Instructions

  1. First download the Shinkai Desktop application for your operating system on the Get Shinkai page.

  2. Install Shinkai Desktop, launch it, accept the terms, and on the first screen Click on "Shinkai Private (Local)".

Shinkai Private(Local)

  1. The Shinkai Node inside of Shinkai Desktop will now initialize for the first time which may take a few moments (if network access is requested by Windows/Mac/Linux in a pop-up, click accept/authorize to ensure your node can function properly for p2p).

  2. Once your node initializes, you will be brought to the Install AI Models screen. Here feel free to pick your favorite AI model to download, or if you aren't sure simply choose the first one.

Shinkai Models

  1. Once downloaded, simply press continue and the setup process will be complete!

  2. You will find yourself at Shinkai Desktop's main screen with various options for you to explore in the sidebar to the left. To start off, we recommend clicking on the first conversation on your screen titled "Welcome to Shinkai..." and asking your first question to the AI model you just downloaded! Shinkai's AI OS will provide all of the information the AI needs to answer your questions about Shinkai.

Shinkai First Conversation

And just like that, you've finished setting up Shinkai with a state-of-the-art AI model, running fully locally on your pc! No complex process of installing models manually, running different services, or any of the complexities running local AI usually entails. Instead, you have everything at your finger tips bolstered by Shinkai's AI Operating System which provides numerous new capabilities never possible before!

What's Next?

Now that you've got a first taste of talking with your private AI using Shinkai, we recommend following the getting started checklist which you will find at the top of the left sidebar as pictured below. This will take you through the core functionality available in Shinkai Desktop.

Shinkai Checklist