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Shinkai Visor

Shinkai Visor is a Chrome Extension that supercharges your web browsing experience with the power of AI through Shinkai. Asking AI questions about any webpage you visit at the click of a button, saving important posts as AI-ready data to use in the future, or summarizing your favorite social media threads, Shinkai Visor has you covered.

Setting up Visor​


Requirements: You need Shinkai Desktop setup locally, or use Shinkai Hosting to have a Shinkai node ready for Visor to connect to.

  1. Install Shinkai Visor from the Chrome Web Store in your browser.

  2. Once installed, you'll see the Shinkai icon in your browser's toolbar. Click on it to open the Sidebar.

    Visor Toolbar

  3. Click on the Get Started button to start using Visor.

    Get Started

  4. Now on the connect page, if you have a Shinkai Desktop up and running locally, simply press "Connect" and Visor should automatically make the connection for you (if you are using Shinkai Hosting follow instructions on the Hosting Getting started page). Once the connection goes through, you’ll be all set to start using Shinkai Visor 🎉


Using Visor While Browsing The Web​

Now, let's navigate to a website and see how to use Shinkai Visor to get a summary from a large piece of content we've found online.

  1. Go to your favorite blog, twitter profile, or any other web page you enjoy visiting.

  2. You'll find the Shinkai Quick Access Button at the right side of your browser window. Hover over it and in the new drop down select the Webpage Q/A button.

    Sidebar Icon

  3. This button automatically prepares the webpage to be sent to Shinkai, and allows you to ask a question for your AI based on the content in the webpage. Simply type your question (such as Summarize this page) and press Create AI Chat.

  4. After ~30-90s (depending on the length of the content) the webpage will be finished processing and your AI will use it to answer your question. This 30-90s is only required on the first question you ask, with every subsequent question in the same chat already ready to use the processed file in AI data form (embeddings).


Chatting With Files​

Not only does Shinkai Visor allow you to ask questions about any web page you visit, but furthermore it also supports uploading any document files you have (pdf, markdown, docx, etc.) directly as well!

Simply press the + button in the bottom right corner of the chat conversations page to create a new AI Chat, upload the file(s), and ask any questions you may have. This ease of use for both the current web and standard documents allows you to start getting a taste of having Shinkai available everywhere you go in the digital world.

The video below highlights how to upload files directly to Visor: